N2 is a drone based service provider in canada. This new AI-powered system plans to provide a number of unique and innovative options for people who are involved with the difficulties that arise from the lack of access to these special services. N2 Infra is also creating remote aerial delivery of items in Canada. Customers will be able to push a button and get a Delivery and other new services on-demand.

Our Team

Raheel Kamal

Co-founder and CFO

Raheel Kamal, an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur, serves as the Co-Founder and CFO of N2 Infrastructure Technologies…

Mehtab Ahmad

COO and Co-Founder

Mehtab’s 21 years of experience in operations management within the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in retail and wholesale markets, …

Ma,an Ababneh

CEO and Co-Founder

Maen M. Ab is a veteran pharmaceutical industry leader, enriched by over two decades of experience interacting with …

Amin Talaee Mahani

Co-founder, CMO & Head of product design

Amin has 12 years of experience in sales management, marketing and program development services in several corporations…

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