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In the vast and often challenging landscapes of Canada, where remote communities are scattered across the country, access to essential supplies has long been a logistical challenge. N2 Infrastructure Technologies, a pioneering drone-based logistic startup, has emerged with a mission to bridge this gap.
The company stands at the forefront of innovation, using drone technology to reshape logistics in remote Canada.

In addition to addressing logistical challenges, N2 intends to provide some new services in compared to other competitors and prioritizes sustainability. The drone-based approach significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional transportation methods. By embracing environmentally friendly practices, the startup aligns with the global movement towards greener and more sustainable logistics solutions.
By providing efficient, cost-effective, and community-centric solutions, this startup not only addresses the immediate needs of these areas but also paves the way for a more connected and sustainable future.

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Our Team

Raheel Kamal

Co-founder and CFO

Raheel Kamal, an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur, serves as the Co-Founder and CFO of N2 Infrastructure Technologies…

Amin Talaee Mahani

Co-founder, CMO & Head of product design

Amin has 12 years of experience in sales management, marketing and program development services in several corporations…

Mehtab Ahmad

COO and Co-Founder

Mehtab’s 21 years of experience in operations management within the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in retail and wholesale markets, …

Ma,an Ababneh

CEO and Co-Founder

Maen M. Ab is a veteran pharmaceutical industry leader, enriched by over two decades of experience interacting with …